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Guide To Preparing Herbs

To decoct traditional Chinese herbal medicine does not need hours as modern equipment and stable fuel supply makes thing easier. There are a few method to do so, you can use below method as a guide.

Firstly, pot with lid made of ceramic or porcelain is preferred as it conducts heat evenly, minimize the vaporization and do not have any other chemical effects on the herb. Stainless steel pot with lid can also be used and avoid pot made of aluminum or cast iron. Automatic electric pot can also be used which is time saving and very convenient to use.

For water, clean tap water, distilled water or pure water can be used. The amount of water depends on the amount of herbs used for cooking. As a guide, the level of water shall be 2-3cm above the herbs that placed in the pot.

Rinse the herbs with clean water after removal from the package and submerge it in water for 5 minutes before bringing it to boil with the lid cover. When the water starts to boil, lower the fire and simmer for 30 – 40 minutes. Do stir occasionally to prevent the herbs to stick to the base of the pot. At the end of the cooking approximately 1 bowl of liquid about 250ml remains.

Leaving the residue in the pot, add another one pint of water. Bring to boil, and then simmer again for another 20-30 minutes until about one bowl of liquid remains. .

Mix the two shares together and divide into two equal portions (depends on the instructions given by the physician). It is to be taken once or twice a day. The second portion can be kept in the fridge and warm up before consumption.

Do follow the instructions by the physician given to you for decocting the herbs. And do ask when you are in doubts.