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Principal's Message

Principal's Message Dearest all,

Welcome to Ong Fujian Chinese Physician Hall’s website.

On behalf of all my staffs, I would like to sincerely thank our customers, mentors and members of public from various aspects of life for all the support and help rendered.

Our physician hall has been through a challenging twenty five years of development, from our past services dealing mainly with orthopaedics and traumatolgy till present, serving our customers with various types of medication, acupuncture treatment, massage treatment and behaviour correction in treating illnesses. We have now become an established and well equipped clinic in Singapore.

Researches are carried out during our treatment to some common illnesses in its prevention and recovery stage. Nevertheless with our mind on “prevention is better than cure” in TCM theories, we have formed up our sub-health department, which teams up with reputable organizations in developing more effective and safe health supplements.

Our website will be served as a platform for the public to keep abreast of our latest developments and professional views on various medical problems. It will also act as a window to provide more information in TCM cultures and knowledge in healthcare. I hope this will be educational for the public to understand TCM better and by doing so, sow the seeds for TCM development. 

Nevertheless, the development of Ong Fujian Chinese Physician Hall depends on the support from all of you. We set the priority to our customers’ wellness, providing warmly services and commitment to bring out the outmost benefits and specialties of traditional Chinese medical for our patients.
Dr. Wong Pang Ong
Dr. Wong Pang Ong