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  • 1.What is acupuncture slimming?
    • Acupuncture slimming is the needling of body acupoints and pressing on certain auricular acupoints for inhibiting the gastric acid secretion, prolonging the gastric emptying time, promoting the metabolism and consumption of body fat, regulating the imbalanced endocrine system, which will achieve slimming purposes.
  • 2. What result can acupuncture slimming achieve?
    • Generally speaking, 3~5% of your original body weight can be lost in one month. The more obese the person, the faster the rate of body weight is lost; the slimmer the person, the slower the rate. Because acupuncture mainly focuses on self-regulation, weight reduction is unlikely to continue indefinitely. Anyway, acupuncture slimming cannot make the obese thinner than the normal nor stick thin.
  • 3. What are the features of acupuncture slimming?
    • Acupuncture emphasises on the overall regulation of our body, rather than deliberate dieting, agressive exercising or liposuction. It is quite different from other slimming ways. For example, if the functions of their spleen and stomach are regulated well, obese people will naturally desire less of excessive sweets or fried food and the feeling of hunger will decrease significantly. So slimming will not be a painful thing. They do not have to struggle with themselves day after day when facing delicious food. They do not have to torture themselves to exercise aggressively while being in very poor health and hungry. In addition, acupuncture slimming is very convenient, scar free, no toxic nor side effects. Patient will not experience cases of losing consciousness, ketoacidosis or anorexia nervosa in acupuncture weight loss. Therefore, acupuncture slimming is a “green method”.
  • 4. What are the advantages of acupuncture slimming?
    • ① There is no fatigue, anorexia, diarrhoea, rebound, side effects, loose skin in the process of acupuncture slimming but only effectiveness (success rate is over 95%). It is particularly suited to people who are afraid of starvation if dieting, exhaustion if exercising, pain if lipid-suction.
      ② Obesity-related diseases such hypertension, high blood lipids, fatty liver, diabetes, skeleton and joint diseases, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation can be simultaneously treated. So acupuncture slimming has dual functions of treatment and healthcare, which represents a healthy weight loss.
      ③ Patients can get individualized treatment programs for acupuncture weight loss based on their different characteristics, which are more targeted and effective.
  • 5. What is the difference between acupuncture slimming and other weight-loss methods?
    • ① Pharmacotherapy: Weight loss may be faster but what is lost is mainly body fluids. Worst side effects are disorder of electrolyte in our body or metabolic acidosis which will occur eventually as water in our body is being lost continuously.
      ② Excessive Dieting: It is not only unsustainable, but ketoacidosis occurs easily, which demonstrates symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, nausea and vomiting.
      ③ Aggressive Exercising: It consumes glucose in our body more easily than fat, which is useless to slimming.
      ④ Control of Water Intake: It can easily dehydrate our body, which will put the fat metabolism at a disadvantage. Meanwhile, the liver and kidney will be strained, which will make waste from metabolic process stay in our body and cause toxic reactions of the body itself.
      Acupuncture slimming has none of these problems, thus making it more safe and reliable.
  • 6. Do the doctors who practice acupuncture slimming need the profound traditional Chinese medicine theory as a basis?
    • Surely. Because the etiology, pathology and clinical manifestations of obesity are very complicated, it is summed up for Retention of Dampness due to Stomach Heat, Retention of Dampness due to Spleen Deficiency, Stagnation of Liver Qi, Deficiency in Both Liver and Kidney et al. For example, the appetite is mostly very good in Retention of Dampness due to Stomach Heat. The therapeutic focus is clearing the stomach fire to excite the satiety centre and curb hunger centre. The appetite is commonly normal or decreased in Retention of Dampness due to Spleen Deficiency, which is the result of hormone imbalance involved in fat anabolism and catabolism. The therapeutic focus is strengthening the spleen Qi and reducing dampness to regulate imbalance in the endocrine system. Deficiency in both Liver and Kidney is very common in the maternal women, perimenopausal women or oral contraceptives women who often have accompanied with irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, dysmenorrheal. These are the results of sexual hormone imbalance. The therapeutic focus is promoting and reinforcing the functions of liver and kidney to improve the levels of estrogen and progesterone. In short, the doctors must diagnose and treat everyone based on an overall analysis of signs and symptoms to achieve the best slimming effect.
  • 7. What is the mechanism of acupuncture slimming?
    • Three main aspects to the effect will be reached by means of needling body acupoints and pressing auricular acupoints:
      ① Regulating the Endocrine System: Many obese people have the disorders of endocrine system more or less,which can be effectively regulated by acupuncture.
      ② Inhibiting Appetite: Acupuncture can reduce the activities of stomach so as to delay gastric emptying and inhibit the secretion of gastric acid,which significantly reduce food intake. At the same time, acupuncture can inhibit the hyperactivities of intestinal absorption.
      ③ Regulate Lipid Metabolism: Acupuncture can decline the level of lipid peroxidation in our body and accelerate fat catabolism.
      In short, by dredging meridians, regulatinng functions of Zang-Fu Organs, acupuncture can accelerate the metabolic processes and build up a new equilibrium between  the body absorption, synthesis and metabolism, decomposition to achieve weight loss purposes.
  • 8. Why do you stress the need to regulate endocrine system in slimming? Can acupuncture effectively regulate it?
    • There is a high incidence of endocrine disorders in obese people. For example, some women become obese after giving birth to their child. The reason is not excessive nutrition, but broken equilibrium of endocrine system after childbirth. Menopausal women are prone to obesity, which is also attributed to endocrine disorders. It is hard to see the weight loss if dieting method is simply taken. Acupuncture can correct the endocrine disorders and accelerate fat metabolism, which surely guarantees the slimming effect.
  • 9. With regard to body acupuncture and auricular acupressure, which should be used in acupuncture slimming?
    • Based on extensive clinical experience, the combination of these two methods is preferable. At the same time, it is also coincident with the tendency of modern medicine, that is the combining, broad, multiple treatment. For example, auricular acupressure is an important way to regulate the whole body. It is very convenient and can be replaced once a week so as not to interfere with the daily activities, which is very suitable to those busy white-collar workers. Furthermore, the acupuncture effect will be maintained between sessions by self-pressing them.
  • 10. Can I not receive auricular acupressure?
    • There is a very long history for the TCM physicians to treat diseases by auricular acupoints. From the point of view of the Meridian Theory, "the ear is the converging place for meridians" and has a very close relationship with Zang-Fu Organs. For example, "Kidney Qi is present in the ear". "The liver disease may result in the deaf". "The deficiency of lung Qi can cause the deaf." Therefore, auricular therapy has the functions of dredging meridian, harmonising Qi and blood, reinforcing or reducing Zang-Fu Organs, regulating nerve system, balancing endocrine system.

      Auricular acupressure is not only a means of treatment, but also a complement of body acupuncture in slimming. Just like body acupuncture, it can promote metabolism, regulate endocrine system and control appetite. The sticky plasters can be kept on auricular acupoints for 3~5 days.In this period, you can do treatments by yourself as long as you press them regularly, which guarantees the sustained stimulation to acupoints. Therefore, we hope every customer receives auricular acupressure. Of course, you can choose not to receive auricular acupressure, if your occupation does not permit the slightest change in your appearance. Under such circumstances, it will take more time to effect results of acupuncture slimming. At the same time, the interval between the sessions should be shortened correspondingly that is from once every 3 or 4 days to once every 1 or 2 days.
  • 11. Is everyone inserted with the same acupoints? How many needles will be inserted in every acupuncture treatment?
    • Treatment according to different syndrome is one of the characteristics of TCM. Our doctors will select and combine different acupoints based on different etiology, pathogenesis and syndrome of every obese people. Therefore,there may be different acupoints for different people. In fact, we have formulated a basic prescription, which includes 8 body acupoints and 5 auricular acupoints, and will modify them according to different people and time.
  • 12. Is acupuncture slimming effective for local obesity such as abdomen, buttocks, limbs? How do you treat them?
    • Acupuncture can slim local obesity through reducing whole body fat. As the whole body fat has decreased to a certain extent, the consumption rate of local fat begins to accelerate. Of course, where the fat accumulates easily is the difficult place to fat-reduction. Only if you hold on with great patience, can the local fat be reduced eventually.

      Our method is to combine overall acupuncture treatment with regional acupuncture treatment and training in accordance with different parts of obesity. For example, for abdominal obesity, Daheng(SP15), Fujie(SP14), Shuidao(ST28) and Abdominal Point(AH8) can be supplemented while sit-ups and other abdominal exercises can also be applied. For the fat accumulation in hip and thigh, Huantiao(GB30), Biguan(ST31) and Buttock Point(AH7), Hip(AH5) can be supplemented while running, jumping with above 90 degree moving angle of knee can also be applied. In addition, local massage,partial elastic bandages may also have some effect.
  • 13. How many times will it take to receive an acupuncture treatment? How long should I receive another acupuncture treatment?
    • An acupuncture treatment will take about 40mins. Firstly, sticking pressure seeds on your auricular acupoints will need about 5 mins. Secondly, it will take about 35mins from selecting acupoints, sterilizing, needling, applying electrical stimulation to withdrawal of needles.

      In the acupuncture treatment programs, the arrangement for the first course: the first three sessions are given consecutively, the next seven sessions are done every three or four days, which will last one month; for the second course: all ten sessions are done every five or seven days, which will last two months.
  • 14. Will acupuncture slimming program last for a long period of time?
    • The step by step, stage by stage, course by course approach is always emphasized in acupuncture treatment. It is impossible for patients to receive acupuncture treatment all year round, which nobody can withstand. In addition, our nerves and tissues have a limit bearing capacity to acupuncture stimulation. When the stimulation acummulates to a certain extent and intensity, the treatment must be stopped to leave room for self-regulation. Otherwise counter-reaction may occur.
      For acupuncture slimming programs, two courses which include a total of 20 sessions are normally needed. All will be completed in the 2.5 to 3 months.
  • 15. Why should I participate in the second course of acupuncture slimming? Is it not enough for the first course?
    • The effect of acupuncture slimming is a cumulative process. It is unrealistic to count on your body becoming slimmer just after several treatments. Therefore,to expand and consolidate the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment, we strongly recommend our customers taking into the second treatment course when the first was completed. The second course consists of 10 sessions, in which every session will be given every five or six day. All will be completed within two months.
      Based on the extensive clinical studies, the processes of acupuncture slimming can be divided into three stages:

      1) Early Stage - 1 to 4 weeks: Generally,the body weight can be rapidly reduced by 5%, but this trend cannot continue.

      2) Middle Stage - 4 to 8 weeks: This is a platform time as our body weight loses slowly. So some customers may lose their confidence and give up treatment. In fact, this is the crucial moment for our body rebuilding its new cut-off of metabolic equilibrium. Our body fat distribution are also changed at this time. Therefore, insisting on the treatment is very important.

      3) Late Stage - after 8 weeks: Body weight decreases continually and maintains a reasonable level at last.

      The reason behind this is the characteristic of acupuncture regulation for the cut-off of metabolic equilibrium. At early stage, acupuncture strengthens energy consumption, our body must use the stored fat in order to supply daily needs because the cut-off of metabolic equilibrium is still the same as before. So our body weight declines rapidly. At middle stage, our body surface area have decreased due to acupuncture weight loss. Correspondingly ,the cut-off of metabolic equilibrium is lowered. So the change of our body weight is not obvious. At this time we definitely need to continue receiving acupuncture treatment with modification of dieting plan and activity levels, in order to rebuild a higher cut-off of metabolic equilibrium. Only by this, can we consume more stored fat and eventually achieve an ideal slimming effect.
  • 16. Is acupuncture treatment painful?
    • The nerves that sense pain are mainly distributed on superficial areas of our body. The tip of the needle is very thin. So there will be no feeling of pain, if the needle goes through the epidermis instantly to the fat layer below. Occasionally, some people may feel slight pain.
      They may be so nervous or worried thus causing their muscles to become tense or spasm. Generally, the pain will disappear naturally,after their adaptation to acupuncture through one or two treatment.
      It must be pointed out that there will occur the feelings of sourness,numbness,distension or heaviness around the needled acupoint, sometimes these feelings can conduct to the distant along the particular lines (meridians),when a needle is inserted into an acupoint. TCM refers this kind of phenomenon as "Zhengan"(needling sensation), which is one of the guarantee for  effectiveness of acupuncture treatment.
  • 17. Could acupuncture slimming be dangerous?
    • All our acupuncture treatment are done by professional acupuncturists, who have learned the whole knowledge of human anatomy and physiology systematically. So it is not dangerous at all, if acupuncture slimming is conducted by them.
  • 18. Who is the most qualified person in acupuncture slimming?
    • The formal, professional acupuncturists are right persons, as correct differentiation of syndromes, selection and combination of acupoints, manipulation of needles, sterilization and disinfection are all very professional knowledge, which need very profound medical background
  • 19. Is dieting required in acupuncture slimming?
    • According to latest research, the solution for weight loss is not simply on a diet at all. If we are on a diet excessively for weight loss, our basal metabolic rate (BMR) will decrease accordingly. In this circumstance, our weight are likely to rebound quickly, or even more than before as long as the normal meal is restored. So we generally do not recommend our customers on a diet. But during acupuncture slimming, control of food intake and modification of food category are needed.
  • 20. What are the do’s and don’t’s for diet during acupuncture slimming?
    • The general principle is not to eat until you feel hungry, to eat when you feel hungry. You can take fish, chicken, lean meat, milk and dairy products, beans and soy products, vegetables and fruit as the main source of energy. Breakfast and lunch should be rich in nutrition and dinner be mainly vegetables and fruits.
  • 21. Why should I reasonably control the intake of rice or noodle (carbohydrates) at early stage of acupuncture slimming?
    • Obese people often have high level of insulin in their blood. The insulin can inhibit the decomposition of fat and promote the synthesis of fat. As carbohydrates can cause high level of insulin in blood, we must control the intake of carbohydrates in order to decrease it.

      Carbohydrates are consumed first, then the fat consumed, when our body uses energy. To make our body consume more fat, the intake of rice or noodle should be controlled. There is no way to consume fat in the event of excessive intake of carbohydrates. Anyway, the intake of rice or noodle should be controlled at the early stage of acupuncture slimming. Normal diet can be restored gradually after our weight returns to normal.
  • 22. Is there any stagnating period for weight loss in the process of acupuncture slimming? If so, how do you handle it?
    • In the process of acupuncture slimming, our body weight does not decline continuously but stagnates sometimes. The main reason is the change of basal metabolic rate (BMR). The BMR is calculated based on the ratio of energy consumption per hour, per square meter of body surface area. The body surface area also decreased correspondingly after our body weight dropped with acupuncture treatment. So BMR reduces. In this circumstance, your weight will not change any more if there are no changes in your diet and activity levels. But the BMR will definitely re-rise, your body weight will continuously drop, as long as you insist on acupuncture slimming actively, modify your dieting plan and activity levels accordingly.
  • 23. I have lost 3~5kg in the first course of acupuncture slimming. But my body weight still stays the same after 6~7 sessions in second course. Does that mean my body has already been adaptable to acupuncture slimming so there will be no further reduction on my body weight?
    • No. Your body weight will definitely drop, if the following aspects are considered and improved.
      a) reasonable control of food intake, appropriate choice of food category;
      b) necessary time and intensity of physical exercise;
      c) correct conception to weight loss, as reverse of obesity will not occur overnight;
      d) modification of acupoints.
  • 24. What are the normal reactions in acupuncture slimming process?
    • Body acupuncture and auricular acupressure can inhibit the peristalsis of gastrointestinal tract, which will reduce the appetite, relieve the feeling of hunger. Meanwhile, there might occur some reations such as thirst, increased frequency of urination and bowel movement, fatigue. These are normal reations, because the function of our body is constantly being adjusted with accelerating metabolism and energy consumption. These reactions will disappear until our body re-establishes its new equilibrium.
  • 25. Why have I reduced the frequency of bowel movement in acupuncture slimming process?
    • Such case is rare in our clinical practice. Generally, acupuncture can increase the frequency of bowel movement and has much help to constipation as it has a healthy regulation to gastrointestinal tract. However, if your food intake is very little in acupuncture slimming process, it is normal for you to have a bowel movement every two or three days.
  • 26. Are there any side effects in acupuncture slimming?
    • There are no side effects at all in acupuncture slimming. Occasionally, there will be a slight subcutaneous hemorrhage or mild allergic reaction at or around needling area. A slight subcutaneous hemorrhage is where a small purple or bruising patch is seen. It will dissipate automatically after a few days. For mild allergic reaction, the main presentation is a local small erythema at or around needling area, sometimes mild itching, which will disappear automatically a few days later.
  • 27. Why does the needling area occasionally become purple or bruising after acupuncture?
    • The reason is that the tip of needle hurts capillaries under the skin. Generally, this slight subcutaneous hemorrhage will disappear automatically 3~5days later and has no harm to our health. However, it is difficult to avoid slight subcutaneous hemorrhage absolutely in spite of its lowest incidence.
  • 28. Is it possibly rebound for my losed body weight after acupuncture slimming?
    • Acupuncture slimming is dependent upon our self-regulation. And it can also help us establish the good eating and living habits. Therefore, the probability of regaining lost weight is relatively low after acupuncture slimming. According to latest statistics, the effective rate of acupuncture slimming are over 98%, the stable rate of weight more than 90% after acupuncture slimming. Of course, there is never absoluteness for everything. It is hard to guarantee that you regain your lost weight, if you pay no attention to reasonable diet and appropriate exercise. Therefore, to maintain what you have achieved, we strongly suggest that you continue to control your food intake reasonably, do some exercise properly, be in a good mood, after you have succeeded in acupuncture slimming.
  • 29. Can acupuncture slimming lead to anorexia?
    • Acupuncture slimming is to regulate our endocrine system healthily, and promote metabolic process. At the same time, it can inhibit hyperorexia and hyperactivity of gastrointestinal absorption. It does not damage the appetite centers in hypothalamus and the autonomic nerve system in gastrointestinal tract. There is also no mental impact on patients. Therefore, acupuncture slimming will not lead to anorexi
  • 30. Are there any wrinkles on my face after acupuncture slimming?
    • Absolutely no wrinkles. The superfluous fat of obese people mainly accumulates in the abdomen, torso and limbs, while relatively small in face. On the other hand, the whole body fat including face decreases in acupuncture slimming process. But there are more capillaries and abundant subcutaneous elastic fibers on face than other parts of the body. With reduction of fat, the elastic fibers will contract gradually. Therefore, no facial wrinkles will occur.
  • 31. Acupuncture slimming is only applicable to some specific person?
    • No. Acupuncture slimming is applicable to everyone, age ranging between 18~ 60 years old are optimal.
  • 32. Can a person who has heart disease, hypertension or hyperlipidemia participate in acupuncture slimming?
    • Of course, they can and should participate in acupuncture slimming.

    • The link between obesity and coronary atherosclerotic heart disease is that some risk factors occur in obese people, such as abnormal lipidemia, increased blood pressure, insulin resistance, reduced glucose tolerance. As obese people have taken excessive calories, with their body weight gained they have high level of cholesterol and increased blood pressure, which will make atherosclerosis worse. In addition, with their reducing physical activity, it is difficult to build up by-pass circulation after the plaque formation in coronary artery. Furthermore, obese people will consume oxygen two times than the normal when they do some physical activities as increased cardiac output will raise the consumption of oxygen. These make obese people be struck by exertional angina easily. Obesity is a risk factor for hypertension, which is clear both in pathology and clinical practice. Therefore, obesity should be controlled to prevent heart disease.

      Obesity is one of the main factors that can influence the level of lipidemia. The body mass index is proportional to the level of lipidemia. The incidence of hyperlipidemia is 23~40% in obese people, which is even higher than the general population. Therefore, weight loss is the most imperative task for people who have hyperlipidemia.
  • 33. Can I receive acupuncture slimming before planning for pregnancy? Is there any influence on my baby in the future?
    • We suggest obese women who are planning for pregnancy participate in acupuncture slimming. Their heavy body weight will raise further after pregnancy, which will lead to weak contraction of womb so as to have an influence on childbirth. In addition, heavy body weight is harmful to their health. So, losing weight is a very wise policy before you are pregnant and has definitely no influence on baby in the future.
  • 34. Can I receive acupuncture slimming if my BMI is in the normal range?
    • It depends on the percentage of body fat. Generally, the percentage of body fat should be less than 22% in female, less than 15% in male. If the percentage of body fat is more than 30% in female, more than 25% in male, she or he should lose weight even though her or his BMI remains in the normal range.

      If the percentage of body fat is between 22% and 30% in female, 15% and 25% in male, with her or his normal BMI she or he can lose weight.
      If the percentage of body fat is less than 22% in female, less than 15% in male,with her or his normal BMI she or he needn’t lose weight
  • 35. Can I receive acupuncture slimming if I have the standard body weight?
    • Certainly. However, the amount of our body fat are generally even and moderate in the state of standard body weight. Therefore, we suggest you should not lose down to lower than the standard body weight by 5 to 10kg, and fat content down to less than 20% of body weight.
  • 36. Does menstrual cycle affect the effectiveness of acupuncture slimming?
    • Menstrual cycle does have some influence on the effectiveness of acupuncture slimming. Many women will experience the change of sexual hormone in their body, which can lead to body water retention when they are approaching to menstruation. So their body weight may not reduce at this time, or even a slight rebound. But this is just a temporary physiological phenomenon. Their body weight will decrease continuously after this particular time.
  • 37. Can my constitution be improved when I receive acupuncture slimming?
    • Two-way regulation is the characteristic of acupuncture, which not only enhances physiological function, but also eliminates pathological changes. Therefore,acupuncture slimming is very helpful to improving the fitness of obese people, which make their looks more healthy and bright, energy more vigorous.
  • 38. Can my habitual constipation be relieved at the same time when I receive acupuncture slimming?
    • Certainly. From the views of TCM, both obesity and constipation are attributed to the dysfunctions of spleen and stomach. They have the similar etiology, pathogenesis and treatment principle. But we must diagnose and treat habitual constipation based on an overall analysis of signs and symptoms. We should supplement some acupoints deliberately to relieve it in acupuncture slimming process. For example, Zhigou(SJ6), Shangjuxu(ST37) in combination with auricular acupoints Large Intestine(CO7), Rectum(HX2) are added for excess syndrome of constipation. Sanyinjiao(SP6), Qihai(RN6) and combination with auricular acupoints Spleen(CO13), Kidney(CO10) are added for deficiency syndrome of constipation.
  • 39. Which symptoms and diseases may also be relieved or treated in addition to lose weight when I receive acupuncture slimming?
    • The obese people are often accompanied by such symptoms as fatigue, aversion to heat, sweating, headache, dizziness, palpitation, shortness of breath, abdominal distension, constipation, edema, sexual dysfunction, which all can be improved obviously in acupuncture slimming process. In addition, obese people often have hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hyperviscosity, cholelithiasis, osteoarthritis, menstrual disorders, gout. Acupuncture can also play a good role in the treatment of these diseases while used to lose weight.