Ong Fujian Chinese Physician Hall

Improving health via Integrative Chinese and Western Medicine since 1986.

Ong Fujian Chinese Physician Hall

Improving health via Integrative Chinese and Western Medicine since 1986.

Established since 1986, Ong Fujian Chinese Physician Hall is one of the longest-serving medical clinics in Singapore. OFJ is the only integrative clinic comprising of both medical doctors and TCM Physicians. Through our bilateral knowledge in Medical and Chinese Medicine, we bring upon evidence-based practices to ensure patients are supported with optimal care and support. Our professionals are constantly updated with the latest knowledge to provide the most up-to-date care for all patients. We also employ a wide range of latest diagnostic and treatment modalities ensuring greater efficacy in your management.

We specialise in the following



Obstetrics and Gynecology

Orthopaedics and Musculoskeletal

Urology and Andrology

Slimming Services


We are rated 4.6/5 on Google Reviews.

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Thankful for your kind words

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to all the doctors at Ong TCM especially Dr Wong Lin Ho. You walked through the darkest moment with me when I was feeling helpless on the eve of 2022. With the knowledge in western and eastern medicine, you advised me to bring my mom for the urine test to test for UTI and to remove the urine catheter to prevent infection. The effective medicine given to treat her gastro problem proved to reduce her bloatedness as well. And with the help of acupuncture, cupping and tui na, she is able to walk with ease. (less backache) Last but not least, thank you for being patience and accommodating when you have to speak with extreme loud volume so she could hear better (mom has hearing issue). In the nutshell, she has improved tremendously and been eating well so far. I am really really very grateful, thank you !P/S The GP & Geriatric doctor asked for your contact too, guess they are equally impressed!

Ann Ng

Daughter of Patient

I had a long pain on my lower back for almost 2 weeks. Tried some other TCM but it didn’t work. Felt the pain getting worse. Was recommended to try this TCM. When I arrived, I was surprised by the customer service. The workers and doctors there were friendly, patient and helpful.
I was attended by Dr. Wong Pang Ong, the main doctor of the clinic. He was able to quickly diagnose my problem and shared that I had a disc problem. With 4 visits of treatments, I felt so much better and relieved, able to move around and walk. His team also attended to me and all of them showed lots of care and assurance about my condition that it will be treated. I’m glad that I came to the right clinic. Thank you so much and I’ll definitely be back for my other treatments. I highly recommend this clinic.

Benjamin Sho


I have a degenerative disc that literally affected the whole ribcage, neck and shoulder. I am constantly in great pain. After their acupuncture, massage, cupping, the pain was immensely reduced, the dosage of the strong painkillers given by the orthopaedic specialists that I took was reduced from 8 capsules to 1 capsule. My ortho surgeon suggested TCM be the best alternative besides surgery.

I trusted my slimming to them as I do not want to stress my pain condition and hypertension. Yes, I am slimming down, with the help of acupuncture and Fitrim, a dietary supplement.

Jessie Ong


My uncle suffered recently from stroke and was unable to move half of his body. While the doctors helped to clear the clot, the movements of the body was unable to recover still. We were then recommended to this clinic and underwent acupuncture. From what i understood from the physicians, the acupuncture was done differently from the traditional method. After each treatment, my uncle felt that his body was no longer as stiff and was able to mobilise better after a couple of treatments. We are still undergoing treatment, will recommend anyone who has recently suffered from a stroke.

WH Teng

Recovered Patient via Integrative Medicine

Forget about your stereotype image of TCM physicians. One that conjures up crusty, staid, serious and non-smiling ladies or gentlemen. The physicians here are friendly, smiley and reassuring. They're highly knowledgeable with decades of experience and very attentive to all their patient's ailments and conditions. Their patients consist of people from different nationalities and races, all walks of life, of different ages, young and old. The senior physician specialises in orthopaedics conditions. Besides health consultations and dispensing of herbal medication, treatments offered here also include acupuncture, tuina and heat cupping.

Bunny Vy


Dedicated, friendly doctors. proactively follow-up with patients after visits. Ong Fujian is one of the longest established clinic in Singapore. have a mixture of TCM physicians and medical doctors, hence well versed in their knowledge. Able to explain to me the conditions well as well as the necessary treatment plans required for it, which I find is lacking in many other clinics. Clinic incorporates modern technologies such as traction machines, ultrasound devices and etc on top of the Chinese traditional methods making treatment more reliable and effective. highly recommend to others.

Lijun Tan