Anti-Inflammatory and Burns Cream™


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Made up of all-natural herbal ingredients, Burns cream reduces the inflammation that occurs after a burn injury. It helps to regenerate the epidermal layer and generate new growth of skin, at the same time preventing the formation of keloids. It also prevents the loss of fluids from the loss of skin tissues by preventing evaporation. It is gentle on the skin and is also suitable for children with eczema. 

Indications: 1st and 2nd-degree burns, Diabetic Ulceration, Eczema (children below 18) 

Contraindication: Allergy to topical lotions 

Procedure: Apply it immediately after burns and once daily subsequently. Do not use it together with other topical medications. Use on alternate days or temporarily stop the usage of one of them.

Expiry Date: 1 year after purchase if refridged. 

Product of Singapore

1.7 fl. oz | 50ml


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