Eczema Relief™

Eczema Relief™


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Eczema Relief™ combines both the moisturizing effect and reduces the itch, helping in the treatment of eczema. It also acts as a protective barrier to prevent any dust or irritants from further irritating the skin.

  • Recommended for eczema with severe itch
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Suitable for people of all ages

Apply it as needed when your skin feels itchy. Do not apply with other topical creams for best results. You may apply other topical creams on alternate days.

Indications: Eczema 

Contraindication: Allergy to topical lotions 

Procedure: Apply it immediately after burns and once-daily subsequently. Do not use it together with other topical medications. Use on alternate days or temporarily stop the usage of one of them.

Product of Singapore

1.7 fl. oz | 50ml


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